Bykova Irina is a young street/streetwear photographer from St.Petersburg,Russian Federation. She lately visited Berlin and did an amazing repartage on the streetwear retail scene that really inspired me. I asked her to send some of her pics to feature her work on the Flower Distribution blog. You can find out more about this talented photographer and the rest of her beautiful images on her flickr page.













Today Chuck Ragan (Hot water Music) played an acoustic show inside the LEE concept store in Mitte. This 3 man band played only a few songs this afternoon as later on they will have to perform a real live set at Postbanhoff. I have to admit Chuck has a really intense strong and somehow rough voice and I am sure the crowd on the store really appreciated the performance. He smiled to everyone making the whole atmosphere really warm and friendly. Big props to LEE and see you tonight at the show!


Right next door to Wood Wood and just a few steps away form the Adidas Originals store another pearl has just popped up in central Mitte: HENRIK VISBKOV 100 days. This project as the name suggests follows the idea of a temporary store open for onehundreaddays only. The first experiment made by the danish designer was located in Copenhagen, then Amsterdam and now Berlin where they have been active for 6 days now. The store manager Ben is a super friendly guy who showed around with much enthusiasm and a sincere smile. You have 94 days left to check out the store.
Its on Rochstrasse 4. Can’t miss it.

Photos by Fabio Raffaeli


Our friend and partner in crime Sandra Gramm will be part of a super sweet exhibition starting next friday Oct 7th in Xberg, Berlin. See opening details on the flyer and dont miss it if you happen to be in town.


This is Cass Bird, operating out of NYC, showing a new project called: “I LOOK JUST LIKE MY DADDY”. Enjoy

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Dan Monick is another great photographer who created some of the best selling collabo tees with our brand BLOOD IS THE NEW BLACK. Following some of the current designs available in selected stores worldwide.

Super props to Alexandre Nicolas, a french sculptor who created a series of superhero fetuses based on her personal favorite comic book characters. In addition to the superheros, Nicolas created one “accident” fetus of Adolf Hitler, complete with mustache and comb-over. Amazing!!! (Via Selectism)

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This is what it says in the biography of her own website: Was born in 1988 in the heart of the Ruhr area, Germany and has been fascinated with expressing thoughts, feelings and her understanding of the world visually since her early childhood. Loves to create her own surreal world around her and play with estrangement and particular constellations of different materials. Deeply believes in the reinvention of things and in inspiration by everyday life and banality. This is Tabea Mathern, a young inspiring artist who lives and operates in Berlin. Now Tabea even started this insane project that tries to save lonely left our socks to create unique pieces giving them justice…simply amazing. Check it out on:

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This is Curtis Kulig. I love his work and his concept. Spreading love might be an easy task or maybe an overrated clichè but it takes good taste to do it with a unique and pretty fresh style. To find out more about his work visit his website:

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Demonbabies is Jesus Rivera. Originally from the Motor City, he migrated west to L.A., where he built a dungeon to mix special potions in. After a freak laboratory accident, Jesus was left with the ability to concoct monsters from his fingertips and shoot psychedelic lightning bolts from his eyeballs! The monsters have since taken over and will not stop multiplying. In recent years, he has discovered that sunlight does not harm them, water satisfies their thirst, and they hate eating after midnight!